In simple terms, the SDI® is one of the world’s individual and team profiling tool. What makes it different is that it looks at motivations behind people’s actions. Unlike other tools it’s fast, it’s fun and it’s for everyone in your organisation. It’s accurate and it actually works!

Over 40 years, the SDI has shaped better jobs for people around the world, transforming relations in order to improve results. SDI® offers practical and immediate solutions to:

  • Enhance team work
  • Develop leaders
  • Support change management
  • Drive sales
  • Improve customer service
  • Develop relationships
  • Manage conflict

HANC program

HANC (Have A Nice Conflict) program

A special program based on SDI tools and aimed at preventing and managing conflict situations. HANC program allows you to:

  • Manage yourself better
  • Build good relationships with the people around you
  • Learn how to prevent conflict and manage it
  • Reduce the consequences of the conflict for you and the environment
  • Improve overall performance in your environment
  • Save time, energy and money

SDI on-line system

Online system for facilitators

Each SDI Qualified facilitator has the possibility to access the online system for facilitators through which you can:

  • Use all the tools of SDI and in different languages
  • Send an invitation to participants to fill the questionnaires online
  • Monitor which questionnaires are filled
  • Create different combinations of reports
  • Manage a database of all the results of people who have used the SDI tools

SDI interesting facts

Did you know that SDI…

  • Provides an easy, fun and memorable way of understanding yourselves and others
  • Uses the Relationship Awareness theory in a way that everyone can understand and apply
  • Helps people to recognize personal strengths in relationships with others when things are going well but also when we find ourselves in conflict
  • Includes all life situations, not just a role or circumstances
  • Develops a set of skills to effectively manage conflict
  • Allows a group of people to simultaneously observe and interpret their results so it encourages mutual understanding and discussion

Experience SDI

If you want to try out the SDI tool or get internationally certified for SDI join us on one of the following activities:

18-20th February, 2019
SDI Certification training, Zagreb

1-3rd April, 2019
SDI Certification training, Zagreb

6-8th May, 2019
SDI Certification training, Zagreb

23-25th September, 2019
SDI Certification training, Zagreb

2-4th December, 2019
SDI Certification training, Zagreb