“It often happens that people are a little skeptical at first, but very quickly they completely engage in a simple and non-discriminatory language of colors and begin to understand their own behavior and the behavior of their colleagues. Those managers, who participated with their colleagues in SDI workshops are asking for the same workshop for them and their teams. “

Kristina Priseker HR manager, Carlsberg Croatia d.o.o.

“SDI is a tool that offers endless possibilities. Each new workshop with SDI tool is an opportunity in which I as a facilitator discover something new and get inspiration for further use. To our employees SDI is very interesting, and the main driver for the creation of better interpersonal relations, and therefore a positive and productive atmosphere. “

Slađana Bojić Andrić HR manager, Veneto banka d.d.

“Except in communication workshops, SDI plays an important role in the program for the development of new managers in Vipnet, and the largest contribution has proven to be a process of SDI 360 feedback, where it provides a clear insight and a better understanding of the managerial roles and expectations that are placed in front of managers.”

Madlena Đurović Senior HR People Development Specialist, VIPnet d.o.o.

“SDI is one of the most useful tools I had a chance to work with. Client’s reactions were excellent, and I as a facilitator am delighted with the possibilities of application of SDI, availability of materials and the quality of the support to facilitators. “

Veseljka Rebić HR consultant, Prava formula d.o.o.

“The participants, after the training often give feedback that after training all interpersonal relations they began to observe in the SDI colors.”

Tomana Burger Pajić Education and development manager, Siemens d.d. Croatia