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Whether you are a coach, psychologist, consultant, manager, or someone who works with people, you can use SDI independently your daily work. PSP offers the possibility to include additional tools in your work with people and gain the knowledge and confidences to carry out workshops based on SDI and apply it to different situations in your environment.

By the end of this practical and experiential qualifying practice you will be qualified to use the newly acquired knowledge and skills in working with others and you will receive an international certificate of SDI to prove it.


Is this for me?

If you work with people, develop others or want to change the ways of functioning in relationships with others – the answer is Yes. From the aspect of the organization of SDI can be usefull if you recognize the need to improve teamwork, quality of cooperation between departments, and focusing resources to achieve organizational goals.

If you are a manager…

…discover new ways of understanding and managing your team, prevention and conflict management

…get to know your strengths and overdone strengths, and how to use them to achieve the desired results in line with organizational goals and strategy

Business people using a tablet

If you are a trainer and/or consultant…

…master the useful set of tools for which you will find a wide range of applications in working with clients

…differentiate from others and give your clients an easier way to improve interpersonal relationships and conflict management

How does the programme look like?

SDI Qualification training Level 1

  • Understanding Relationship Awareness Theory
  • Distinguishing motivation and behavior
  • Application and interpretation of tools – SDI, Portrait of Personal Strengths, Portrait of Overdone Strengths
  • Personal strengths and how do we perceive them
  • Overdone strengths and how to understand them
  • Prevention and conflict management
  • Understanding the team dynamics and impact on the organization
  • Practical application

SDI Qualification training Level 2

  • Deepen the knowledge about the tools and methods of application
  • How to use Feedback tools – SDI Feedback, Feedback Portrait of Personal Strengths, Feedback Portrait of Overdone Strengths
  • How to use Expectation tools – SDI Expectation, Expectation Portrait of Personal Strengths
  • Practical application

SDI Qualification training is carried out in small groups.

The environment is relaxed, discussion are open and activities are a mixture of individual introspection and reflection, team exercises, and practical examples.