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SDI® has endless applications, revolving around Relationship Awareness Theory® and how it can improve human interactions and resolve conflict in a more effective way. Here are some examples of the ways in which SDI® can be used:

SDI® Leadership is about motivating, inspiring people and building winning teams.

SDI® helps with:

  • Positively approaching challenges and change through effective communication
  • Using creative problem solving techniques to maintain a stable and friendly work environment
  • Influencing and motivating others
  • Inspiring others toward adopting a positive vision of the future

SDI® helps salespeople to see that the key to a successful sales career lies in being able to relate to people on their own terms.

SDI® is powerful in that it shows that in order to appeal to potential customers, one needs to speak to them in their own language, tailoring the communication style to each individual.

SDI® helps with:

  • Building rapport with your clients
  • Understanding the client’s reasons for buying
  • Handling objections in a constructive manner
  • Building lasting relationships
  • Negotiating effectively with customers

Team Development can take many different shapes and forms, depending on what you want to achieve, the function of the team, and the stage they are at in their development.

SDI® helps with:

  • Understanding what makes each member of the team tick
  • Identifying what triggers conflict for each member of the team
  • Understanding individual and team strengths
  • Exploring opportunities for future team growth

SDI® conflict management gives teams the tools they need to recognise and resolve conflict. Relationship Awareness helps people understand their own changing motivations during conflict situations and recognise what’s important to other people and more importantly, what to do to resolve conflict effectively.

SDI® helps with:

  • Depersonalizing conflict situations
  • Understand what triggers conflict in people
  • Recognizing conflict signals
  • Adapting your behaviours in conflict in order to resolve it effectively

SDI® allows team members to understand key principles of communication, and how to present messages in an effective and powerful way.

SDI® helps with:

  • Presenting to small and large groups
  • Understanding what audiences really need to hear
  • Influencing decision-making through effective communication
  • Engaging people and inspiring action
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